Tuesday, 7 February 2012

All Systems GOOOOO

Hey peeeps. 

FEBRUARY??!! Where did that come from?? Oh. My. Days!!!

WELL. I have started doing blogs and leaving them on my soundcloud just because it is quicker when I am on the go and easier to upload rather than writing on here! But I will continue to check in every now and again on here as well! 

The link to listen to my blurb as well as new sounds is: SOUNDCLOUD

MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who has contacted me on Soundcloud recently, I think I have finally managed to get round to replying to everyone who has requested to work with me or sent me love and comments! THANKS! It means so much to me and without your support I really couldn't continue. 

Tony Divino feat Ellenyi "Sweet Thing" is now available to BUY on Beatport!

I have been working with Tony Divino since last year and Sweet Thing is the first of three signed tracks to be released this year. Sweet Thing is released on Influential House Recordings, you can check them out here...http://www.myspace.com/influentialhouse

Working with Tony has been amazing - he really has a sweet approach to the progression of soul and I have many a time relaxed in my bath listening to his sounds, I love how he turns an idea into a masterpiece and I always enjoy receiving new projects from him! We are currently working on some new material and looking at performing/DJing tracks together this year. He is in Germany (details above) next week and making amazing tracks in his own right, I am so chuffed for him even if it does mean he will have 3 hours sleep and travel on 6 million different buses ha!! You can find more of our collabs on my soundcloud and also definitely check out his website here....http://www.tonydivino.co.uk/ 

MASSIVE thanks again goes to Stevie Cheesman for her beautiful photography and friendship :) You can check out her work here Broken Dolls LIKE page

Been working on something new with Ryan Blyth.... you can check it out here...Falling !! I will be performing this around the UK this year so stay tuned for info, times, dates etc. THANKS to everyone who supported "Clothes Off" at Christmas & New Year! It was really nice to hear what you think and to everyone who played it over and oooover again thanks!! I am hoping this will be the start of something really big locally!! I am loving working Internationally and Worldwide (recently adding California to my roster!) but I also really love performing and seeing reactions locally and especially in my home town so thanks guys!!!

Elle xo

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hey guys! I have recently been like this ^^^^^^^^ BUSY!!!

Which is great for me, the busier the better! I have been in the studio with Deuce & Charger working on my FIRST DEBUT ELLENYI track due out in 2012! YEP - not "featuring Ellenyi" just ELLENYI!!!! Very excited about that of course, had some really positive response to the track so a massive thankyou and especially to all my POLISH FANS ! (Dziękuję za Wasze nieustające wsparcie, dużo miłości xx)

Please find a link below to their blog here so you can read all about it! http://deuceboxxx.blogspot.com/2011/12/deuce-charger-in-studio-with-ellenyi.html?spref=fb

ALSO recently I had a shoot with Broken Dolls - an amazing female photographer who really captured some raw and edgy images!
Her website is: http://brokendollsphotography.weebly.com/index.html I am SO excited to put the pics up when they are ready and it has been the best early Christmas present EVER!! Santa will have to work harder than ever to top that!! Working with Broken Dolls I really felt that I could get completely comfortable with poses and not have to worry about doing the right or wrong move. My make up and hair was done for me and the results were wild and like nothing I could ever try and do myself - BUT thats what a photo shoot is all about! Its about dressing up and looking the best you can EVER look so that everyone is wowed by the results - and that was exactly right with this shoot! It was a pleasure to be shot by Broken Dolls and I will definitely definitely promise to show you the images once I have them back!! :) 

I have been working on a NEW remake of the 80's classic as mentioned in my podcast which you can check out on my soundcloud...http://soundcloud.com/ellenyiofficial/ellenyi-podcast-06-12-11 

This is a new track from Ryan Blyth feat Ellenyi - Clothes off (Jermaine Stewart Remake) and you can ALSO listen to this on my soundcloud here :http://soundcloud.com/ellenyiofficial/ryan-blyth-feat-ellenyi Let me know what ya think, leave me a comment if you like/dislike/ LOVE/HATE............ I wanna know!!! 

I will be performing this track exclusively at Audio Club in Batley on NEW YEARS EVE !!!!! Hope to see you there!! 

Elle xo

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I love the way..........

That you finish my sentence before I manage to get my words out...
That you ask me to talk when we are laid side by side, just so that you can fall asleep to my voice......
That you know all my secrets but keep them hidden and tucked in with yours....
That you are so big and strong but lay your head on my lap so vulnerably....
That you are quick to teach but quicker to learn....
That you never make me feel like there is anything else I need or want....
That you listen to my thoughts and lift my head to the sky when it only wants to look down....
That you are the most delightful and most precious person I have ever come across...

 That you love me as much as I love you. x

If I told you a fairy tale would you expect a happy ending? Perhaps the Frog never becomes a Prince, perhaps the Princess was led to believe that the Frog was the one worth kissing. Perhaps the Frog needed to teach the Princess valuable life lessons so that she could get away from the swamp and build a stronger castle......

             Do not wait for Prince Charming because he is too lazy to leave his castle.....
                             Wait for your Knight in shining armour - because he will fight for you.

With love to my Knight.... :)

Having a few days to write and re group, in the studio on Thursday can't wait!! Til then peace out

Elle xo

Monday, 21 November 2011

2 mins of my time went into a lifetime of yours

"The last time was not forever"

I sit and wonder if you mean the words that roll delicately from your tongue. I hear the broken promises and the precious changes that will never spring to life. 

These words should sting your heart and imprint there for a while

A faithful hand returns to give no matter how its fingers are singed. Like a dog to the blind, it can always be trusted, and as your memory remembers the way in the dark, you will always find your way back to this. Silently wishing that the last time will in fact be forever, but addiction takes over. In the depth of the soul is a small whispering voice. If you listen to it then it shall become louder and burst into song like a spring lamb just born. Or you could pretend it was the howling of the wind and close the window to shut it out.

 "If you left forever then why are you back like a large print offending my eyes."
 "Because you left the door ajar, in the hopes that I might send you a postcard."

Just something I wrote whilst trying to piece my mind together again.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's easier to go down a hill than up, But the best view is always from the top.

If you want something bad enough, then you will work hard enough to get there. Lately it is apparent that those around me just do not want things as much as I do! Having to work full time as well as full time musically is really stretching – even when you have a good work ethic. It is sad that people who are comfortable and do not need to come in to work then they do just that, they ring in sick or worse still get someone else to. It is about giving yourself enough energy to motivate yourself that is the hardest part, not the actual work you come in to get on with.

Having a passion for something is the most revitalising, interesting uphill struggle I have ever encountered. Working a normal 9-5 and then 6-11 in the studio really does stretch my brain and energy levels but I try and see it as “in training” for what is to come! I believe you can only do what you think you can do. If you think you can’t do something then you are probably right.  Look around, everyday ordinary people are example to this. Those that succeed are those that think they can in the first place and push themselves out on the ledge.

Just grabbed two minutes whilst the studio tech is mixing down the final track of the night and then I am off to the sweet land of deep dreams! Some people have children, others a house that they clean 12 hours a day, some have dream cars they can’t afford and others a career that means everything to them. Music is my baby, its my passion, it the reason why I wake up singing new melodies and why I dream about timings and lyrics in my sleep. So I say, shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. 

Sweet Dreams 
Elle xo

Friday, 16 September 2011


Roots, they are there to remind us where we came from. To remind us of how much we have grown. To remind us of how small and insignificant we started out as. To remind us of what we should be true to. Roots are dusty, bitten into, straggly, chaotic, horrible things that are the life line to the beautiful oak that stands tall reaching the clouds above.

I used to always write like this. I recently read all my old poetry, notes, journals, songs. Just to refresh myself of how much I have grown, where I have come from, to remind me what I should be true to. They are my roots.

It is in my roots and my upbringing that you should always strive to be you and if that means that you are the multi coloured jacket hanging on the rail like in the picture above... well that is ok!! Who says you should be like the rest of the boring standard suit jackets that people put on every day without a second thought. If you are who you are then who are they to judge.

If you think I am fake, it is because your perception of real is misguided. If you think I am two faced it is because you do not understand both sides of my personality. If you think I distanced myself from you for no reason, it is because you failed to be there for me when you said you would be. If you think I am pathetic it is because you are too wrapped up in your own world to realize that I am simply protecting mine. If you believe I am small minded you have simply not taken enough time to get to know how my mind thinks, works and reacts.

After all is said and done, you have helped me remember my roots, what I was put here for. To write, to be REAL. You reminded me that it does not matter whose opinions people hear and what the Chinese whispers say. In the words of Jessie J.... "whose laughing now"

I am blessed beyond words to be working with Soulshaker and really excited about the pending release due in the next few months. That is what is real to me. That is what I get up in a morning for. The intense unshakable feeling of success.

Elle xo

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Been hooked on BASS for the last few days. In and out of the studio working on some drum and bass tracks. Its something different, its something fresh. The studio tech that I have been working with in the last few days is fab!! He has so much passion and a great fresh vibe and it has really put some new life in my boots. The tracks are for a project due to be signed in America and although there are big things involved, it has been great to experience the small time excitement whilst recording the vocals! I have been singing these non stop for the last few days - really cannot get out of my head! It is so annoying to have such a catchy tune in your head and nobody else can listen cos its not yet released and you can’t tell anyone about it either!! BUT all will be revealed shortly and that feeling will be done with ha!

LOVING all the cream fields and festival related status’s on face book recently! Everyone is having withdrawal symptoms and now that the summer seems to be over its time to remember the amazing beats and bass to come out of Ibiza and Festivals in 2011!!

HOW GOOD is David Guetta’s album Nothing but the Beat….. Just sayin.
I know I know I know I probably should have bought it earlier before now…. But I have heard mixed things about it so not had chance to purchase! UNTIL NOW and I just cannot believe what I have been missing… shame on me ha!! It is a must buy if you have not already bought it.

Not loving the rain…

Elle xo